What is the Cooperative Purchasing Program?

FSA and FAC have partnered to offer a cost savings program for your county, that offers competitive discount pricing to meet your agency procurement needs. This can be accomplished through a variety of contracts, including vehicles for administrative use, equipment for parks, recreation, and public works, as well as fire rescue vehicles and ambulances. This statewide cooperative purchasing program provides broad customization at the lowest prices. Learn more at www.flsheriffs.org.

What are some key service benefits?

  • Since its inception in November 1993, approximately 55,000 vehicles have been purchased through the program
  • FSA's highly successful fleet program provides agencies with significant buying power and savings on a variety of vehicles and equipment
  • Program prices are equivalent to, or even lower than, other statewide competitive bid prices


Meet Our Partner 

Craig Chown  |  Cooperative Purchasing Program Manager

Craig Chown has over 30 years of accomplished experience in the government and private sectors. Craig served as a policy and budget advisor for Florida Governor's Lawton Chiles and Jeb Bush, and served as a policy analyst in the Florida Legislature, Office of the Auditor General.  Additionally, he served as a Chief in Administration for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and was responsible for management and oversight of statewide agency motor vehicle fleet, purchasing, inventory, insurance, records management, telecommunications, mailroom, Headquarters security, and DJJ facility new construction and maintenance,

Since 1996, Craig Chown also successfully performed consulting work activities in areas including business development; contracts and procurement, public relations and communications; marketing; media and social networking and promotion; strategic planning and performance reviews; community development; environmental planning, permitting, mitigation, and construction project management.

cchown@flsheriffs.org  | 850-877-2165 x. 211


FAC Contact

Anna R. Doughty, CPA  |  Director of Internal Affairs & Financial Services  |  adoughty@fl-counties.com  |  (850) 922-4300