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St. Lucie County getting closer to balancing its budget

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — The county is using less of its savings to balance the budget, but commissioners still must figure out how to pay for $600 million in road projects. County Management and Budget Director Asheley Hepburn on Tuesday gave the County Commission its first look at next year's budget, showing its progress but also the challenges ahead. In 2015-16, the county expected to use $9.4 million from reserves to balance its $503 million budget, but only used $2.1 million. That's because it spent less for medical care for county jail inmates, it made a profit from Solid Waste Division, and it saw property values increase, Hepburn said.

The Bradenton Times

Guest Op-Ed: Senator Steube's Attack on Home Rule

We are the City Commission of the City of Holmes Beach. We are some of the people who have been on the front lines of the effort to bring balance between the short-term rental industry and the residents of our city, and we have concerns about your newly-introduced bill that would strip cities of the right to regulate vacation rentals in any way.  As you know, in 2011, the housing disaster had hit Florida very hard. Over 20% of Floridians were underwater in their home financing.

Punta Gorda Herald

Public budget meeting carries on without public

MURDOCK — At a public meeting designed to explain the county’s budget process, no one attended. But officials gamely proceeded to offer insight into how the financial blueprint determines planning and policy. Charlotte Budget Director Gordon Burger said the annual fiscal document takes into account financial trends and strategic goals that must merge into a balanced budget. The county adopted a two-year budget cycle in 2012 to further assist in managing and prioritizing its resources from year to year.