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Fort Myers News Press

Lee County tax rate set; property owners pay same rate as last year

Lee County property owners will pay the same tax rate in 2018 as they paid this year. It took an extra meeting, but Lee County commissioners reached the end of a breathtakingly quiet road to setting the tax rate Tuesday. Commissioners unanimously adopted a rate of $4.0506 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. Last year, commissioners cut the rate for the first time since the Great Recession, when revenues collapsed and a combination of tax increases and large budget cuts were required to erase a budget deficit.

Sarasota Herald Tribune

Manatee Commission keeps property tax rate steady

MANATEE COUNTY — In the first of two public hearings, the Manatee County Commission on Monday night tentatively approved a $614.7 million operating budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.  The final public hearing will be Sept. 25. For the 10th consecutive year, the commission set the proposed property tax rate at roughly the same level it has been since the recession began. That rate is what was stated on tax notices mailed to property owners.

Palm Beach Post

Cerabino: After Hurricane Irma, nobody asking for less government

The deaths of eight elderly residents inside a powerless South Florida nursing home are bound to become one of the stories of Hurricane Irma that will linger. Dangerously high temperatures at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills from the loss of air conditioning in the nursing home is believed to have led to the deaths as well as the hospitalization of 10 other residents there. It’s not the only local nursing home that lost power during the storm without sufficient backup to keep temperatures from getting to life-threatening levels.