Sarasota County Government

Assistant County Administrator

Salary: $159,000 (negotiable)


Link to Apply:


Assistant County Administrator (Official Job Title: Executive Management, Tier II): This is a senior, executive-level position and is responsible for leading and managing county services and programs through their assigned department directors. Assistant County Administrators are assigned specific areas or groups of departments and serve as a representative for County Administration. In addition to day-to-day operations, this position must be solutions oriented and responsible for implementing and leading a continuous quality and service improvement process through their program and service areas. Assistant County Administrators must coordinate their activities and decisions to ensure consistency across the organization and alignment with County Administrator and Commission direction. An Assistant County Administrator may serve as Acting County Administrator from time to time.


  • Reports to the County Administrator and is responsible for leading and managing county services and programs through their assigned department directors. Participates and assists in short-term and long-term strategic planning for the overall county. Ensures all program activities operate consistently and ethically within the county’s charter, vision, mission, values, rules and regulations. Ensures compliance with all federal, state, county and funding regulations. Actively communicates on important issues and how they will be addressed with the County Administrator. Informs the County Administrator on the status of all programs and initiatives. Provides updates to the Commissioners on behalf of the County Administrator.


  • Serves as a solutions-oriented leader. Mentors and leads a high-performing team of directors to the next level through role modeling, coaching, developing, training and retention strategies. Facilitates a positive and productive workforce through example, ensuring accountability and follow-up as appropriate. May be assigned to directly lead a specific initiative or project from time to time by the County Administrator.


  • Assists in policy development, implementation and management of the annual budget in conjunction with the Chief Financial Management Officer and County Administrator. Conducts and attends meeting and conferences to share and discuss current work issues, policy changes and other pertinent matters.


  • Attends and presents at public meetings, including Board of County Commission meetings, on relevant county issues and projects. Reviews reports to the Commission and monitors Board questions or issues with department-requested actions, remains prepared to assist in any follow-up or questions, especially issues that impact multiple departments or require Administration’s involvement.


  • Manages proactive assessments of fraud awareness, prevention, detection and risk mitigation activities in area of responsibility; oversees financial, compliance, operational and performance audits; reviews audit findings and ensures appropriate controls are established and implemented.


Minimum Qualifications: A Master's Degree from an accredited college or university in Public Administration, Business Administration, HR, IT, Planning, Engineering or a related field and nine (9) years of progressively responsible professional public experience; four (4) years must be in a senior capacity. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Public Administration, Business Administration, Planning, HR, IT, Engineering or a related field and ten (10) years of progressively responsible professional public experience may substitute for the required Master’s Degree.


Preferred Qualifications: Florida public-administration experience at the county or city manager/assistant manager level highly preferred.


Job Competencies: Knowledge of the following: Principles and practices of public and business administration; principles of management and the application to state/local government; principles of budgetary preparation and administration; laws, rules and regulations; policies and procedures relating to the Comprehensive Plan; principles and procedures of program planning and administration; county government rules and regulations; and human resources’ principles. Ability to establish and maintain strong and effective working relationships with others, make good decisions in a timely manner, communicate effectively, assess budgetary needs, and role model and lead a practice of financial fiduciary and responsible stewardship.