Volunteer Florida Thanks Aetna Foundation for $50,000 Donation to Florida Disaster Fund

Volunteer Florida today thanked the Aetna Foundation for its generous donation of $50,000 to the Florida Disaster Fund, which was activated by Governor Scott to aid those impacted by Hurricane Irma. The Florida Disaster Fund, administered by the Volunteer Florida Foundation, is the State of Florida’s official private fund established to assist Florida’s communities in times of disaster.

Nationwide Foundation donate $500k to American Red Cross

On the heels of Harvey, the American Red Cross is now helping southeastern U.S. residents as recovery begins following Irma. In support of these efforts, the Nationwide Foundation has announced an additional $500,000 contribution to the American Red Cross. This is in addition to the recent $500,000 contribution in response to Harvey, for a total of $1 million committed.

Nationwide Emergency Relief

On September 12th the IRS granted relief to taxpayers who have been adversely affected by Hurricane Irma and who have retirement assets in qualified employer plans that they would like to alleviate hardships caused by Hurricane Irma.   Nationwide intends to comply with IRS relief for victims of Hurricane Irma and will implement our expedited Unforeseeable Emergency (UE) process.

Duke Energy announces estimated power restoration times for Florida

Duke Energy has announced power restoration times for specific areas in Florida following the damage from Hurricane Irma. The company has restored power to more than 375,000 customers. It is currently reporting an estimated 1 million customers without power as of mid-day Tuesday. Crews will continue to work non-stop to safely and quickly restore service.

Aetna: We’re with you

Help for Aetna members and customers in areas affected by Hurricane Irma Due to Hurricane Irma, and the expected impact to Florida, people may have had to leave their homes. As a result, we are making it easier for our members to refill prescriptions and obtain necessary care.  All Florida counties are impacted. Please remember that our affected members can seek emergency care anywhere, as needed.

Federal District Court Rejects Obama Overtime Rule

Texas Federal District Judge Amos Mazzant has entered a ruling invalidating the overtime regulations proposed by Obama’s Department of Labor (DOL). The regulations, which were adopted on May 23, 2016 and which were previously scheduled to go into effect on December 1, 2016, raised the salary threshold for “white collar exemptions” to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)’s overtime provisions from $23,550 annually to $47,476 annually.

EPA Irma Update: Regions 2 and 4 Taking Precautions, Activating Emergency Response Teams

EPA is continuing preparations for Hurricane Irma, which is expected to hit Southern Florida, serviced by EPA Region 4. Irma has already made landfall in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, covered by EPA Region 2. The Agency is in the process of securing and assessing Superfund sites; compiling data for regulated facilities; granting fuel waivers to help stabilize prices at the pump and ensure emergency vehicles have access to fuel; and, preparing for infrastructure assessments and environmental sampling following the storm.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy has spent more than $2.4 billion since 2004 maintaining and strengthening its Florida power delivery system, including inspecting and replacing poles and trimming vegetation and trees. The company also invests in advanced technologies to transform the energy grid into a dynamic system to automatically detect, isolate and reroute power when a problem occurs.

EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for Florida

Please see below regarding the approval of an emergency fuel waiver request by Administrator Pruitt in preparation for Hurricane Irma. We are working diligently with Region 4 to secure 22 current or former National Priorities List Superfund sites. The Administrator and the Region are also reviewing information about drinking and waste water systems in areas that may be affected and have staff standing by to help support the State of Florida if federal assistance is needed. We are also in touch with the State Emergency Operations Center and Governor Scott and are prepared to assist you where needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be helpful from my role at the EPA.