Under little or no direct supervision, plans, organizes and directs Public Works Department
functions, including Engineering Division, Road & Bridge Division, Nassau Amelia Utilities
Division and Solid Waste Division. Ensures Department compliance with all applicable policies,
procedures, laws and regulations. Performs related administrative and supervisory work as required.

Plans, coordinates, directs and supervises the functions and programs of the Nassau County
Public Works Department and Divisions.
 Reviews plans and specifications for construction projects and assists in preparing and
reviewing contracts.
 Monitors construction progress.
 Supervises professional, technical, supervisory and support staff; supervisory duties include
instructing: planning, prioritizing, assigning and reviewing work of others; maintaining
standards; coordinating activities; allocating personnel; selecting new employees; acting on
employee problems; recommending employee promotions, transfers, discipline and
 Reviews the work of subordinate staff for completeness and accuracy; evaluates performance
and makes recommendations as appropriate; offers advice and assistance as needed.
 Provides for the adequate training and development of Department employees.
 Ensures Departmental compliance with all applicable codes, laws, rules, regulations,
standards, policies and procedures; ensures adherence to established safety procedures;
initiates any actions necessary to correct deviations or violations.
 Develops and administers the Department budgets; reviews and approves invoices for
 Coordinates department activities with other departments, divisions, agencies and utilities as
 Reviews technical documents as submitted by engineers and developers.
 Meets with developers and staff to discuss proposed projects.
 Manages the County’s debris contracts to include removal and monitoring.
 Prepares status reports as directed by the Board of Commissioners; directs/prepares exhibits
to aid in Board decision-making; meets with individual Commissioners to assist with
specific District and County issues.
 Directs special projects as assigned.
 Meets with the County Attorney to discuss legal compliance issues.
 Provides technical guidance and direction to staff as needed.
 May serve on various committees, as required and assigned.
 Receives and responds to public inquiries, requests for assistance and complaints.
 Performs a variety of routine administrative duties as required, which may include but are
not limited to preparing reports and correspondence, entering computer data, attending and
conducting meetings, etc.
 Prepares, processes and submits various documents, survey exhibits, engineering drawings,
blueprints, budget documents, payroll, performance appraisals, contracts, permits, various
reports, memos, correspondence, etc.
 Prepares bid packages, requests for proposals, requests for qualifications including scope of
services, specifications, contract documents, location maps, etc.; responds to requests for
additional data and/or clarification; reviews bids and proposals and makes recommendations
for awarding bid.
 Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as the County
Manager, subordinates, County Department Heads and employees, Board of Commissioners,
developers, engineers, contractors, consultants, municipal personnel, various other Local,
State, Federal agencies, vendors and the general public.
 Prepares exhibit materials.
 Conducts on-site inspections.
 Operates a vehicle and a variety of equipment, which may include a computer, printer, fax
machine, copier, calculator, telephone, two-way radio; utilizes an engineering and
architectural scale, etc.
 Attends and remains at work regularly and adheres to policies and procedures regarding
absenteeism and tardiness. Provides adequate notice to higher management with respect to
vacation time and leave requests.
 Performs related duties as required.
(These essential functions are not a complete statement of all duties required of the job. Employees will be required to
perform such other related job duties as may be assigned or required.)

Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering supplemented by ten (10) to fifteen (15) years
of Engineering and/or Public Works Management experience. Extensive knowledge in one
(1) or more of the following areas desired: Transportation, Engineering Design, Utilities,
Traffic, Drainage or Environmental (Solid Waste). Must possess Professional Engineer
License issued by the State of Florida and remain licensed. Must possess a valid State
Driver’s License.
 Knowledge of the methods, policies and procedures of the Department County as they
pertain to the performance duties of the Public Works Director including Engineering
Division, Road & Bridge Division, Nassau Amelia Utilities Division and Solid Waste
 Knowledge of the functions and interrelationships of County and other Governmental
Public Works Director
 Knowledge of the laws, ordinances, standards and regulations pertaining to the specific
duties and responsibilities of the position.
 Ability to ensure Departmental compliance with all laws and regulations and control the
activities of the Department through effective supervision.
 Knowledge of Civil Engineering theories and practices as applied to Public Works
operations and administration.
 Knowledge of the materials and equipment used in Public Works operations.
 Knowledge of the various permits required by Local, State and Federal agencies for Public
Works construction and operation projects.
 Ability to provide technical expertise in the development of engineering designs,
specifications, cost estimates and project plans.
 Ability to make sound, educated decisions.
 Ability to take the initiative to complete the duties of the position without the need of direct
 Ability to plan and develop daily, short-term and long-term goals related to County purposes.
 Ability to use independent judgment and discretion in supervising various programs
including the handling of emergency situations, determining procedures, setting priorities,
setting schedules, maintaining standards, planning for future County needs and resolving
 Ability to plan, organize and prioritize daily assignments and work activities.
 Knowledge of administrative principles involved in developing, directing and supervising
various programs and related activities.
 Ability to train, assist, motivate and supervise a diverse group of employees.
 Ability to offer instruction and advice to subordinates regarding departmental policies,
methods and regulations.
 Ability to perform employee evaluations and to make recommendations based on results.
 Ability to plan and coordinate the most effective use of personnel, facilities and resources to
achieve Department goals.
 Knowledge of proper English usage, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
 Knowledge of modern office practices and technology.
 Ability to use a computer for word processing and records management.
 Ability to perform required mathematical calculations.
 Ability to compile, organize and utilize various financial information necessary in the
preparation of the Departmental budget and knows how to prepare and monitor the budget.
 Ability to read and interpret various materials pertaining to the responsibilities of the job.
 Ability to assemble and analyze information and prepare reports and records in a concise,
clear and effective manner.
 Ability to produce quality work despite the stress of deadlines.
 Knowledge of the terminology and various professional languages used within the
 Ability to maintain effective relationships with co-workers, personnel of other departments,
professionals and members of the public through contact and cooperation.
 Ability to learn and utilize new skills and information to improve job performance and efficiency
 Ability to react calmly and quickly in emergency situations.

 Stooping
 Kneeling
 Bending
 Crouching
 Reaching
 Standing
 Walking
 Lifting and carrying up to 20 lbs.
 Pushing and pulling
 Climbing on ladders, on steps, or on the ground
(Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability)

 Ability to perform work effectively despite occasional exposure to adverse environmental
conditions, including temperature extremes, wetness/humidity, rain, electrical currents,
machinery hazards, uneven terrain, toxic agents, vibrations, noise extremes, fumes, dirt, dust,
pollen, odors, etc.
 Has knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the industry.


Salary Range: $79,751.00 - $99,598.00

Apply At: Applications will be accepted until filled.
Application and job description can be obtained
from the Human Resources Department located at
96135 Nassau Place, Suite 5, Yulee, Florida
32097, Telephone (904) 530-6075 or Fax (904)
321-5797, or at 
 Drug Free Workplace.