Title: Building Official

Department: Building Department


Salary Range: $72,501.00 - $90,544.00


Apply At: Applications will be accepted until filled.  Application and job description can be obtained from the Human Resources Department located at 96135 Nassau Place, Suite 5, Yulee, Florida 32097, Telephone (904) 530-6075 or Fax (904) 321-5797, or at www.nassaucountyfl.com. Drug Free Workplace.


Performs administrative and technical work coordinating the activities of the Building Department. Administers and enforces laws, ordinances and adopted technical codes relating to building construction and inspection, Permitting, Zoning and Code Enforcement. Provides administrative support to the Code Enforcement Board. Ensures compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations.


  • Plans and directs the day to day operations of the Building Department to include the Code Enforcement Division and Building Department, including those in the area of building construction and inspection, Permitting, Zoning, accessibility and Code Enforcement.
  • Supervises Department staff, supervisory duties instructing; assigning, reviewing and planning work of others; maintaining standards; coordinating activities; allocating personnel; selecting new employees; acting on employee problems; recommending and approving employee promotions, transfers, discipline and/or discharge; evaluating employee performance/employee evaluations. Offers training, advice and assistance as needed.
  • Reviews investigations of complaints and violations; gathers evidence, information and documentation. Analyzes facts and evidence; recommends civil/criminal penalties; prepares and issues citations of violation.
  • Prepares technical reports for the County Manager, Board of County Commissioners, Code Enforcement Board and County Attorney.
  • Serves as subject matter expert resource to other Code Enforcement Officers, Technical and Clerical staff.
  • Provides Technical program information and policy interpretation; represents the Department on all matters regarding Code Enforcement.
  • Develops the Department and Division budgets. Works with the Office of Management and Budget Department on budgetary issues including calculation and assessment of fees and monitoring the Department’s annual budget. Requests additional resources as required.
  • Collects Impact Fees per County Ordinance 87-17, including amendments and resolutions, and Chapter 3, Florida Building Code.
  • Testifies on code issues as required. Explains division operations and promotes public understanding, awareness and relations. 
  • Coordinates construction contractors licensing or certification pursuant to County ordinance and State law.
  • Reviews inquiries and complaints from contractors, property owners, County officials and the public, directs appropriate Code Enforcement personnel in the interpretation and explanation of regulatory provisions for the negotiation of compliance.
  • Flood Zone Administrator determining Flood Zones to certify building elevations and enforcement of Nassau County Flood Plain Ordinance.
  • Coordinates Class I (Residential) Zoning, Ordinance 2008.01 for Natural Resources Protection.
  • Investigates and inspects unsafe structures for determination of condemnation pursuant to local ordinance and State law.
  • Investigates complaints and alleged code violations. Performs building inspections using ladders, hand tools and scaffolding.
  • Reviews engineered and non-engineered plans for compliance with local/State/Federal codes.
  • Interprets and recommends Department related policies and procedures, codes and ordinances.
  • Coordinates emergency operations of the Department during community and natural disasters.
  • Acts as primary agent of the Nassau County Damage Assessment Coordinator.
  • Supervises and controls activities and functions of personnel in assigned areas of response. Participates in pre-emergency and post-emergency conferences as required.
  • Works with County employees, subordinate staff and members of the public to resolve Department issues with tact, customer service and in compliance with County goals and objectives.
  • Attends required meetings, conferences, training courses and seminars to maintain knowledge of industry trends and technology.
  • Performs administrative work including conducting and attending meetings; preparing and reviewing reports, memos, schedules and correspondence; assisting with Department budgets.
  • Enforces the principles, practices and techniques of Code Enforcement procedures, methodology used in investigations and enforcement work; methods and system of legal enforcement and court procedures; Federal, State and local regulatory agencies and requirements; applicable codes and ordinances governing Environmental, Housing, Nuisance, Public Health and Safety issues.
  • Maintains assigned and Department vehicles. 
  • Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as County Manager, subordinates, other County supervisors and employees, community and civic groups, Code Enforcement Board members, Local/State/Federal agencies, Building Department personnel in other jurisdictions, vendors, contractors, business/property owners and the general public.
  • Operates a vehicle and a variety of equipment, which includes a, computer, printer, telephone, two-way radio, calculator, copier, fax machine, laminator, etc.
  • Attends and remains at work regularly and adheres to policies and procedures regarding absenteeism and tardiness. Provides adequate notice to higher management with respect to vacation time and leave requests.
  • Performs related duties as required.


Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Construction, Engineering, Architectural or related field and ten (10) years of progressive experience in the construction, plans review or building inspection, five (5) years of which were serving in a supervisory capacity or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Must possess a current State of Florida Standard Building Code Administrator’s License and maintain a current license while in the position. Must possess or obtain within one (1) year of hire Florida Association of Code Enforcement Level I, II and III Certifications. Must have knowledge of the Florida State Statutes and Florida Principles and Practices. Must possess a valid State Driver’s License.



  • Knowledge of the methods, policies and procedures of the Department and County as they pertain to the performance duties of the Building Official.
  • Knowledge of the role of the position in relation to County operations.
  • Knowledge of the functions and interrelationships of County and Governmental agencies.
  • Knowledge of the laws, ordinances, standards and regulations pertaining to the specific duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Knowledge in the areas of construction technology, building trades, construction codes and ordinances, Code Enforcement codes and ordinances, budgeting, etc.
  • Ability to coordinate personnel and resources for the effective operation and of the department.
  • Ability to conduct through plans review and through inspect of buildings and structures to ensure compliance with applicable codes, laws, regulations, policies, procedures and standards.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, tactfully and persuasively with members of the public in difficult situations.
  • Ability to make sound, educated decisions.
  • Ability to use independent judgment and discretion in supervising department programs, making sound decisions, determining procedures, setting priorities, setting schedules, maintaining standards and resolving problems.
  • Ability to plan and develop daily, short-term and long-term goals related to County purposes.
  • Ability to ensure departmental compliance with all laws and regulations and control the activities of the department through effective supervision.
  • Knows how to apply supervisory and managerial concepts and principles; has knowledge of administrative principles involved in developing, directing and supervising various programs and related activities.
  • Has the ability to offer instruction and advice to subordinates regarding Departmental policies, methods and regulations.
  • Ability to perform employee evaluations and to make recommendations based on results.
  • Ability to plan and perform effective training programs for division personnel.
  • Ability to take the initiative to complete the duties of the position without the need of direct supervision.
  • Ability to plan, organize and prioritize daily assignments and work activities. 
  • Ability to learn and utilize new skills and information to improve job performance and efficiency.
  • Ability to read and interpret complex materials pertaining to the responsibilities of the job.
  • Ability to assemble and analyze information and prepare reports and records in a concise, clear and effective manner.
  • Knowledge of the terminology and various professional languages used within the Department.
  • Ability to maintain effective relationships with co-workers and personnel in other departments, professionals, and members of the public through contact and cooperation.
  • Ability to make public presentations.
  • Ability to perform required mathematical calculations.
  • Ability to compile, organize and utilize various financial information necessary in the preparation of the departmental budgets and knows how to prepare and monitor the department budget.
  • Knowledge of modern office practices and technology. 
  • Ability to utilize a computer for data and word processing.
  • Ability to react calmly in emergency situations.



  • Stooping
  • Kneeling
  • Bending
  • Crouching
  • Reaching
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs.
  • Pushing and pulling
  • Climbing on ladders, on steps, on scaffolding or on the ground

(Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability)



  • Ability to perform work effectively despite occasional exposure to adverse environmental conditions including temperature extremes, wetness/humidity, rain, electrical currents, machinery hazards, heights, confined spaces, animal/wildlife hazards, uneven terrain, toxic agents, vibrations, noise extremes, fumes, dirt, pollen, odors, etc.
  • Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the industry.