Manages/supervises shelter staff and the operation of the shelter ensuring compliance with federal,
state and local regulations; oversees animal custodial and remedial care, admissions, adoptions and
euthanasia; ensures the safety, sanitation and upkeep of the facility; provides staff training, prepares
operational reports and educates the public about responsible pet ownership and animal regulations
and laws. Position may require shift rotations, weekends, holidays and nights.

 Supervises daily activities of Animal Control Officers, Shelter Attendants and office staff.
 Plans, assigns and supervises the work of subordinate Officers, Shelter Attendants and office
staff; recommends hiring, promotions, transfers, discipline and/or dismissal of
subordinates/staff as necessary.
 Receives and investigates a variety of Animal Control related complaints to include the more
sensitive, involved and difficult issues and violations.
 Reviews the work of subordinates/staff for completeness and accuracy; completes employee
evaluations and makes recommendations as appropriate; offers training, advice and
assistance as needed.
 Manages youth work programs and the animal fostering program.
 Provides follow-up and keeps accurate records to ensure resolution of all cases.
 Prepares and submits for approval of the Animal Care and Control Director, departmental
policies and procedures.
 Oversees the overall security and maintenance of Animal Care and Control facilities
including clean, sanitary and humane conditions for all animals housed within the
shelter/center and for presentation to the public.
 Assists in educating the public on regulations, rules, ordinances and laws that pertain to
animal ownership.
 Responsible for coordinating off-site adoption events including preparation of the animals
and logistics.
 Develops strategies to increase awareness of events and the number of adoptions.
 Manages the shelter’s social media accounts. Ensures timely responses to posts from
 Oversees financial responsibilities to include maintenance of the budget, daily purchasing
and the reconciliation and depositing of revenues, etc.
 Testifies in legal proceedings as required.
 Prepares case files and reports for presentation.
 Performs a variety of administrative work as required, which include but is not limited to
preparing reports and correspondence, entering computer data, attending meetings,
answering the telephone, etc.
 Prepares, processes and submits various documents, including daily inspection logs, vehicle
mileage logs, flow charts, diagrams, violation notices, maintenance reports, memos,
correspondence etc.
 Responds to disasters and emergencies as directed by the Animal Care and Control Director
and/or Emergency Management.
 Responds to emails from the adoption support system.
 Assists in maintaining the Constant Contact System.
 Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as the immediate
supervisor, County Attorney, County Commissioners, subordinates, co-workers, County
personnel, complainants, various community/civic organizations, various Government
agencies, including Callahan, Hilliard and Fernandina Beach, vendors and the general
 Assists in the annual budget.
 Ensures timely maintenance of vehicles.
 Performs Euthanasia of animals
 May set humane live traps, ensnaring and handling of stray and/or dangerous animals.
 May clean and maintain kennels.
 May feed and care for sheltered animals, including confined animals.
 May at times perform the duties of Animal Control Officer, Shelter Attendant or office staff.
 Operates a vehicle and a variety of equipment which include a computer, fax machine,
copier, calculator, telephone, two-way radio, camera, etc.
 Attends and remains at work regularly and adheres to policies and procedures regarding
absenteeism and tardiness. Provides adequate notice to higher management with respect to
vacation time and leave requests.
 Performs related duties as required.
(These essential functions are not a complete statement of all duties required of the job. Employees will be required
to perform such other related job duties as may be assigned or required.)

Requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent supplemented by five (5) to seven (7) years
experience in animal shelters, animal control, code compliance or law enforcement, one (1) year
of which was in a supervisory capacity or any equivalent combination of training, education or
work experience which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position. Must
obtain Florida Animal Control Certification, Euthanasia Certification and disaster animal
response course, as approved by the Director within one (1) year. Must possess a valid Class E
Drivers License.
 Employee must reside in Nassau County or move to Nassau County within one hundred
twenty (120) days of employment.

 Knowledge of the methods, policies and procedures of the Department and County as they
pertain to the performance duties of the Animal Care and Control Manager.
 Knowledge for the direct care of animals in the shelter which include but are not limited to
shelter medicine, animal feedings and vaccination schedules.
 Knowledge of the functions and interrelationships of the County and other Governmental
 Knowledge in the laws, ordinances, standards and regulations pertaining to the specific
duties and responsibilities of the position.
 Knowledge of codes and regulations related to Animal Control enforcement.
 Ability to offer training and assistance to co-workers and employees of other departments as required
 Ability to plan, organize and prioritize daily assignments and work activities.
 Ability to learn and utilize new skills and information to improve job performance and
 Knowledge of proper English usage, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
 Knowledge of modern office practices and technology.
 Skilled in the use of computers for word processing and records management.
 Ability to perform required mathematical calculations.
 Ability to read and interpret materials pertaining to the responsibilities of the job.
 Ability to assemble and analyze information and make written reports and records in a
concise, clear and effective manner.
 Ability to maintain effective relationships with co-workers and personnel in other
departments, professionals and members of the public through contact and cooperation.
 Ability to react calmly and quickly in emergency situations.

 Stooping
 Kneeling
 Bending
 Crouching
 Reaching
 Standing
 Walking
 Sitting
 Lifting and carrying up to 40 lbs (occasionally heavier weight up to 80 lbs).
 Pushing and pulling
 Climbing on ladders, on steps, or on the ground
 Strength sufficient to assist in handling animals.
(Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability)

 Works inside and outside in shelter environment and offsite.
 Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the industry.
 Ability to work effectively despite exposure to weather conditions of heat and cold, wetness,
humidity, machinery hazards electrical currents, smoke/dust, odors, dirt/pollen, dangerous
animals, traffic hazards, and noise extremes.


Salary Range: $19.6755 - $24.5721

Applications will be accepted until filled.

Apply at: 
Application and job description can be obtained
from the Human Resources Department located at
96135 Nassau Place, Suite 5, Yulee, Florida
32097, Telephone (904) 530-6075 
 or Fax (904) 321-5797
 Drug Free Workplace. This position is eligible for
Veterans’ Preference in accordance with
applicable laws.