What is it?

FAC and Healthstat have partnered to give Florida’s counties access to the nation’s most innovative provider of employer-sponsored onsite, near site and shared health clinics. Healthstat offers primary care, prevention, disease management and occupational health services that improve employee health and productivity and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.


Key Features

  • Helps counties reduce healthcare spending and increase employee well-being
  • Health centers and wellness programs are integrated into workplace culture
  • Counties enjoy increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and fewer claims
  • Employees enjoy convenience, and health maintenance improves
  • More than 300 clinics across 32 states, leading the way in onsite health
  • Solutions that fit your needs, whether it’s 100 employees or 40,000 employees


Meet Our Partners



Melissa Parks  |  Market Development Manager 
Melissa Parks has worked for more than 8 years at Healthstat, building high-performing teams, recruiting exceptional talent and expanding Healthstat’s footprint across the United States. She has applied her knowledge and affinity for people as Marketing Manager, Director of Recruiting and VP of New Business Development. She has a true passion for Healthstat’s mission to make high quality care more accessible and affordable, improving the health of employees and the bottom line of employers. She is always excited to help providers and prospective clients have a clear understanding of the role and operation of Onsite Health and Wellness Centers.
In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Melissa also enjoys spending time running, playing tennis and volunteering at various community events.
Melissa.Parks@healthstatinc.com  |   (704) 936-5577  




“It is refreshing and rewarding to provide needed healthcare, both reactive and preventive, in such an accessible manner to the county workers and their dependents. The patients who have been seen in our clinics have overwhelmingly been amazed and impressed with the services that they can obtain here. The word is getting out and we have been getting more and more new patients.”
- Jeanne M. McGregor, MD, MPH, in the Pasco County Clinic


FAC Contact

Teira E. Farley  |  Marketing & Graphics Manager  |  tfarley@flcounties.com  |  (850) 922-4300