Hamilton County Development Authority

Position Description: Economic Development Director

The director serves as the day-to-day face of the Hamilton County Development Authority (HCDA). The Director is responsible for the operation of the HCDA as created by Florida Law Chapter 59-1322 in the development of innovative economic development programs and implementation strategies to promote and support the acquisition, growth, expansion, and retention of industry and business within Hamilton County, Florida, leading to the creation of jobs, creating an entrepreneurial climate, and increasing the tax base within the county. Tasks are more than average difficulty and involve extensive contact with governmental officials, commercial real estate investors, brokers and agents, property owners, site selectors, for-profit business entities, and community stakeholders. The Director of Economic Development is also responsible for communicating and advising the HCDA Board and the business community interacting with a wide array of organizations and constituents to educate and build awareness of the mission and priorities of the economic development authority.

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Position description approved by the HCDA board August 8, 2019. Applicants should forward their résumé to: rhettbullardpa@hotmail.com