Unfunded Mandates Committee Charge

The FACM Board created the Unfunded Mandates Committee at is Board of Directors' conference call meeting on February 10, 2017.  The charge of the committee is to develop a uniform definition of the term “unfunded mandate,” create a survey and compile the information obtained.  Additionally, the Committee has been charged with creating a communication plan that each county could utilize to distribute the information to its staff, commissioners and citizens.    


Committee Members

Norman Foster, Chair

Director, Office of Management & Budget

Broward County



Jack Brown, County Administrator

Escambia County



Mark Satterlee, Deputy County Administrator

St. Lucie County



Ashley Hepburn

Director, Office of Management & Budget

St. Lucie County



Bob Goehrig, Budget Director

Pasco County



Kimberli Radtke

Director, Office of Financial Management

Sarasota County



Casey Perkins, Chief of Policy Research

Florida Association of Counties




Committee Documents

Legislative Memo on Analysis for Unfunded Mandates (1991, 1997)

Senate Interim Report on "Insignificant Impact" (2011)

Example of LCIR Mandates Reports (2007)

Circuit Court Order on DJJ Cost Shift (2004) 

FACA Unfunded Mandates Whitepaper, November 2016

FACA Unfunded Mandates Quick Reference Guide, November 2016 

Leon County Unfunded Mandates Cheat Sheet

Palm Beach County Unfunded Mandates Cheat Sheet

Article VII, Section 18, Florida Constitution