The qualifying period for declaration of candidacy for FAC 2nd Vice President is Tuesday, September 4, 2018 through Monday, October 15, 2018

In accordance with Article V, Section 5.2(D) of the FAC Bylaws, there will be a special election to elect a commissioner to fill the unexpired term of the 2nd Vice President during Legislative Conference in November.  This vacancy has been created due to the current 2nd Vice President losing his local primary election as a county commissioner.  The FAC Bylaws articulate the process for a special election when such a vacancy occurs.


Current Officers


  • Commissioner Karson Turner, President
  • Commissioner Nick Maddox, President-Elect
  • Commissioner Melissa McKinlay, 1st Vice President 
  • The 2nd Vice President office is vacant
  • Commissioner Chris Constance, Immediate Past President


Eligibility Requirements:  Who Can Run for Office


Candidates must be a current county commissioner and from a county in good standing.

An "eligible commissioner" is defined, in the Bylaws under Section 5.4(B), as a commissioner who:

  1. Will have served a minimum of two consecutive years in county commissioner office on the date of the election; AND
  2. Will have either:
    • Served (or on May 15 be serving) on the FAC Board of Directors;
    • Completed the CCC Program by May 15;
    • Served (or on May 15 be serving) as a chair or vice chair of a FAC legislative policy committee or caucus; OR
    • Served (or on May 15 be serving) on any FAC standing or select committee, as created by the Board of Directors or the President.


Qualification Requirements: How to Become a Candidate


If you are declaring your candidacy for Second Vice President, please submit the following items by October 15, 2018 in accordance with the FAC Bylaws and FAC Policy:


  • Written letter declaring candidacy, addressed to FAC Executive Director
  • Identify office for which you are a candidate
  • Letter of support from candidate's BoCC
  • Resume of commissioner outlining eligibility criteria 
  • Outline of prior activities and leadership roles within FAC (Please contact Emily Anderson within the FAC Office if this information is needed).
  • Statement of what assets the candidate would bring to FAC office.


The above information must be sent, by U.S. Mail, certified and return receipt requested OR other carrier requiring signature upon delivery to FAC, to the attention of the Executive Director, postmarked by October 15, 2018.


Candidates for FAC Second Vice President must meet eligibility and qualification requirements (See Bylaws, Section 5.4(B))


Examples of candidacy submissions that meet these requirements can be found HERE.


Special Election Information


The special election of the Second Vice President will be held on Friday, November 30, 2018 during the Closing Session of the FAC Legislative Conference which will be held at 8:30 am ET at Tampa Waterside in  Hillsborough County.  Please note voting requirements under Section 5.4(E) of the FAC Bylaws.  The Candidate receiving a majority of the votes by ballot is elected.  Voting is by written secret ballot unless the candidate is unopposed.  An unopposed candidate is elected by a voice vote.  Only county commissioners who are registered and physically present at the meeting can vote.  No weighted votes are allowed for elections.


Should you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Emily Anderson at 850.922.5881.