Focused investment in state and local economic infrastructure assets can aid in a sustained economic recovery while preserving resources necessary to provide essential services as identified by the respective citizens of these various local communities.

Policy Objectives

The Florida Association of Counties SUPPORTS measures that empower local governments and provides resources to work with community partners towards the creation of quality jobs, more vibrant Florida communities, as well as an enhanced level of national and global competitiveness. Related issues that are of major interest to FAC for the 2017 Legislative session include, but are not limited to:


State and Local Economic Development Partnerships

SUPPORT legislation and appropriation that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the state and local government partnership in economic development through the greater use of targeted strategic investments in infrastructure (traditional and high-tech); and programmatic enhancements designed to induce sustainable economic activity resulting in a consistent positive return on investment for both state and local governments


Rural Economic Development

SUPPORT legislation and appropriation that eliminates the program match requirement in grant program Florida Statute 288.018 and increase the appropriation from $150,000 to $250,000 for each of the three Rural Areas of Opportunity (RAO) designated by Governor’s Executive Order.


SUPPORT appropriation that increases the rural infrastructure fund from $1.6 million to $5 million annually.

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Deputy Director of Public Policy

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