invites applications for the position of: 
                                                                                               Chief of Engineering and Construction Management (City Engineer)


$100,000.00 - $139,535.88 Annually


OPENING DATE: 07/06/18


CLOSING DATE: Continuous



This position reports to the Director of Public Works and is responsible for the planning of and the engineering of public works projects, including all water, wastewater, water reclamation, sanitation facilities and solid waste disposal facilities projects; the oversight and administration of city construction standards and specifications; and traffic engineering services for the Consolidated Government.



  • Provides leadership and support to the Engineering and Construction Management Division.
  • Establishes design guidelines and policies for vertical/building projects and proposed improvements to the City Right-of-Ways.
  • Reviews and evaluates requests for design services RFP.
  • Reviews requests for qualification submittals.
  • Assists in budget preparation.
  • Meets with City Council to keep them abreast of construction projects.
  • Assigns responsibility, takes corrective action, demonstrates leadership and evaluates, develops and motivates employees.
  • Supervises with facts, focuses on results, provides clear direction, and encourages innovation.



  • The Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Council, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.
  • Registered by the State of Florida as a Professional Engineer or registration from another state which allows reciprocity. 
  • Must have at least five (5) years experience as an engineer in the public works field or in private industry.
  • A valid state Driver's License is required prior to employment and must be maintained.
  • Must qualify prior to employment, obtain and maintain during employment a City of Jacksonville Public Driver Certification.

ONLINE APPLICATION REQUIRED.  Apply at  NEOGOV works best with Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer version 11 or higher browsers.  Please try to apply using one of these browsers.  You may have to cut and paste the link into the browser's search area. Be sure to add to your address book to ensure you receive email notifications. You may also check your application status at any time by logging into your account.
If claiming veteran's preference, you must attach a DD-214 (Member Form-4 copy) or military discharge papers, or equivalent certification from the Department of Veterans Affairs listing military status, dates of service and character of discharge.  You must also attach the Veterans Preference Certification Form and if applicable, the additional forms as noted here:
If a candidate believes he or she was not afforded veteran's preference, he or she may file a written complaint, within 60 calendar days upon receipt of notification of the hiring decision, requesting an investigation to:
Florida Department of Veterans Affairs
Division of Benefits and Assistance
9500 Bay Pines Blvd., Room 214
St. Petersburg, FL  33708



117 West Duval Street, Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 630-1287

Position #2018-02877 


Chief of Engineering and Construction Management (City Engineer) Supplemental Questionnaire


* 1.

Each applicant must complete this supplemental questionnaire as a part of the application screening and selection process. The information you provide will be reviewed and used to determine your eligibility to move forward in the selection process. Copying and pasting your resume or stating "see resume" does NOT fulfill the requirements of the question. Incomplete responses, false statements, omissions, or partial information may result in disqualification from the selection process. Do you agree to answer each supplemental question truthfully and certify that your responses can be verified from information included within the application?

Image removed. Yes    Image removed. No


* 2.

Do you have a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university? If yes, you MUST attach a copy of your college transcripts to your application.

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Image removed. No


* 3.

If you have a degree, indicate which degree you have and include any major/minor. If basing qualifications on education, a copy of your college transcript is required.


* 4.

Are you registered by the state of Florida as a Professional Engineer? PLEASE NOTE: A state of Florida PE is preferred.

Image removed. Yes
Image removed. I am registered as a PE in another state.
Image removed. No


* 5.

Do you have at least five (5) years of experience as an engineer in the public works field or in private industry?

Image removed. Yes
Image removed. No


* 6.

Indicate the organization(s) you worked for where you gained this experience.


* 7.

Provide a detailed description (at least 3-4 complete sentences) of your experience.


* 8.

Do you have a valid motor vehicle operator license that is not under suspension/revocation or restricted under any pending or current citations/court proceedings? Please indicate which license you possess.

Image removed. Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL)
Image removed. Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL)
Image removed. Class C Commercial Driver License (CDL)
Image removed. Class E Driver License
Image removed. License from another State.
Image removed. Learner Permit
Image removed. My license is currently invalid.
Image removed. I do not possess any type of Driver's License.


* 9.

Select the state where you currently hold a Driver's License.

Image removed. State of Florida Driver's License
Image removed. State of Georgia Driver's License
Image removed. Driver's License from another state.
Image removed. I do not possess a driver's license at this time.


* 10.

Have you been cited for more than three (3) moving violations, or two (2) at fault accidents within the past 12 months from current date?

Image removed. Yes
Image removed. No


* 11.

Have you been considered a "Habitual Traffic Offender" (HTO) within the past 12 months from current date?

Image removed. Yes
Image removed. No


* 12.

Have you been convicted of Driving-Under-the-Influence (DUI) in any state during the last 36 months from current date?

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Image removed. No


* 13.

Provide your full Driver's License or Identification number. If a correct number is not provided, your application will be considered incomplete and may result in disqualification from the selection process.


* 14.

Please confirm your EMAIL address by re-entering it here.


* 15.

If you are requesting veterans preference, you MUST download the appropriate state of Florida form and attach it to your application. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELAY YOUR VETERANS PREFERENCE STATUS. Please download the forms at

Image removed. Yes, I am claiming veterans preference and I understand that I MUST download the appropriate form and attach it to my application.
Image removed. No, I am not claiming veterans preference and this does not apply to me.

* Required Question