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Abortion rules, felon voting, and an FCAT ban. Time to rewrite Florida's Constitution.

“We won World War II without standardized testing,” George MacArthur told members of the Constitution Revision Commission during its meeting at ...

Carlos Beruff: Constitution Revision Commission won't waste taxpayers' money or time

The newly-formed Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) won't spend time on changes that can't pass at the ballot box, its chairman said Monday. "If the public doesn't feel overwhelmingly supportive of (a proposed amendment), then why do it?" said Carlos Beruff, the Manatee County homebuilder appointed by Gov. Rick Scott. The panel held an organizational meeting in the Capitol. "It just doesn't make sense (when) we have a threshold of 60 percent," he added. "We don't need to waste the taxpayers' money or their time with proposals we don't think are going to meet that."



CRC officially begins task of updating state constitution

TALLAHASSEE - The panel tasked with authoring changes to Florida's constitution officially began its work Monday holding a kick off meeting in Tallahassee to outline its goals. "This commission, make no mistake about it, has awesome power," said Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga. The Constitution Revision Commission is empaneled every 20 years to consider updates to the state's constitution. Though the work has just begun, the intrigue swirling around who would serve on the commission and which policy issue it would tackle has been a palpable force on state politics in recent months.


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State Constitution Revision Commission sworn in, set to begin hearings

The powerful panel charged with proposing ballot amendments aimed at tackling Florida's most pressing problems was sworn in Monday, with its chairman pledging that each member will have an equal voice during the 14-month process. The promise by Constitution Revision Commission Chairman Carlos Beruff was noteworthy given the vortex of controversy that has followed his appointment by Gov. Rick Scott. A billionaire real estate developer, Beruff has been a steadfast ally of the governor. He even hired many of Scott's aides to help run his unsuccessful 2016 U.S. Senate campaign.


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Florida Constitution Revision panel starts once-every-20-years job

The once-every-20-years process of updating Florida's basic law began Monday, as the Constitution Revision Commission held its opening meeting in Tallahassee. The 37-member panel, appointed almost entirely by Republicans for the first time in history, is expected to submit proposals for amending the state Constitution to voters for the November 2018 election. The meeting Monday was largely ceremonial. Gov. Rick Scott, Senate President Joe Negron, House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga - who combined to appoint all but one of the members - each briefly addressed the commission.


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Editorial: Keep the Constitution Revision Commission transparent

Two significant efforts affecting Florida voters got under way this week in Tallahassee: First, the 37-member Florida Constitution Revision Commission, or the CRC, began its work Monday to update the state's Constitution, a major undertaking that happens only once every 20 years. The commission's job is to propose potential changes for voters to approve. Important work, no doubt. At the same time, the First Amendment Foundation began its efforts to make sure that the commission makes all aspects of its work transparent and available to all Floridians who wish to see the process 


Constitution Revision Commission to hold first meeting

FLORIDA POLITICS - The Constitution Revision Commission has launched a website and announced an organizational meeting next Monday. The meeting will be 2-4 p.m. in the Capitol’s Senate chamber, with a brief agenda of “Welcoming Remarks, Oath of Office, Rules of the Commission, Ethics Briefing.”


Final members named to Constitution Revision Commission

NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA - The makeup of Florida's Constitution Revision Commission was completed Monday, when House Speaker Richard Corcoran named the final nine ...



TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Carlos Beruff as Chairman to the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). The other 14 members appointed by the Governor to the 37–member Commission will be announced in the coming days. The CRC convenes every 20 years to review Florida’s Constitution and propose potential changes to be approved by Florida voters. Any potential changes to the constitution proposed by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission will be on the ballot to be voted on by Florida residents in November 2018.



TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of 14 members to the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) in accordance with Article XI, Section II of the Florida Constitution. The Governor appointed Carlos Beruff as Chairman of the Commission on Wednesday. The 37–member Commission convenes every 20 years to review Florida’s Constitution and propose potential changes to be approved by Florida voters.


President Negron Announces Appointments to Florida's Constitutional Revision Commission

Tallahassee — Florida Senate President Joe Negron (R-Stuart) today appointed nine members of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). Pursuant to Article XI, Section 2 of Florida’s Constitution, the 37-member commission is established every 20 years to propose amendments to the state constitution for voter consideration.


Special Commission to Review Florida Constitution Takes Shape

TALLAHASSEE – The exclusive panel charged with proposing constitutional amendments to solve Florida's most vexing problems began to take shape Monday, as state Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga announced a bipartisan slate of appointees.


Chief Justice Names 3 to Constitution Revision Commission

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga today announced his three appointments to the Constitution Revision Commission, which is created every 20 years to review the Florida Constitution and make proposals directly to voters.