The Information Systems (IS) Manager reports to the Finance Director and supervises one employee. The IS Manager is responsible for the successful operation of all the City’s information systems. That includes, among other things: (1) short and long range planning to ensure the City has the best technology and that they operate optimally;  (2) ensuring the systems serve the public in providing timely information and appropriate functionality; (3) providing support to City staff regarding information systems issues (hardware maintenance, software upgrades, diagnostics and troubleshooting); (4) coordinating the activities of service providers and insuring adherence to contractual and operational specifications; and (5) overseeing the operation of the Avaya VoIP telephone system as well.  
The City’s function is well funded and equipment is relatively current. It presently is responsible for 21 servers and 120 computers/ laptops and tablets. Beyond the typical office applications, the City uses a suite of municipal software solutions provided by BS&A Software. It also supports telemetry hardware for the Utilities Department.  The information systems function does not support police or fire.  

The City is currently operating smoothly overall with respect to its information systems function. Consequently, it is not anticipated that the new IS Manager will face any particularly challenging or unusual issues. Rather this situation is one where the City hopes the new IS Manager will provide a candid assessment of the systems while continuing to provide the outstanding IT support residents and staff have come to expect. The only noticeable area where improvement can be made is the City does not presently have any offsite storage and back-up.

The City is looking for a talented Information Systems Manager with a track record of achievement and a strong customer service focus. The ideal candidate will be forward thinking and always seeking better ways to accomplish what needs to be done. He/she will be technically competent and knowledgeable of current industry trends. The individual will have a strong work ethic and be someone who can be counted on to deliver—an energetic team player who always has the best interests of the City at heart.  
The best candidate will be an excellent communicator— both orally and in writing—and have excellent people skills.  The individual will be open-minded and someone who does not have preconceived biases. He/she will listen carefully, evaluate the options, make recommendations and take action based on the facts. The ideal candidate will resolve all situations in a timely and tactful manner.  Customer service and responsiveness both within and outside the organization will be a top priority for the ideal candidate. He/she will show utmost respect for everyone including the citizens, employees, and high-level officials. 
The best candidate will set realistic goals for themselves and for their staff. The individual will be a mentor and someone who uses inspiration instead of intimidation.  He/ she will take pride in their work and settle for nothing less than a first class work product. The individual will have a sense of humor and be enjoyable to work with. 
The City is looking for someone who has good analytical skills, someone who will look at processes and ask not just why but also why not. Being technologically savvy is important. The City wants to take advantage of current technologies to maximize productivity and disseminate information to the public.  
The ideal candidate will have a strong background and proven track record in information systems. The individual will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science or a related field and five (5) years progressively more responsible and practical technical experience in automated data management processes.  He/she will have practical experience in network administration and desktop operations;  some programming experience in writing new applications and modifying existing programs; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Experience in the public sector is helpful.  
The salary range is $68,000 to $96,000 and the salary will depend on qualifications and experience. Benefits are excellent. The IS Manager will be part of the Florida Retirement System and other benefits are very good.
The most recent Information Systems Manager recently moved to Colorado Springs. No internal candidates are expected to apply. 

Residency in the community is not required or expected.

E-mail your resume and cover letter to by March 10th. Faxed and mailed resumes will not be considered. Questions should be directed to Colin Baenziger at (561) 7073537 or David Collier at (772) 260-1858.

THE PROCESS  Once the closing date has passed, CB&A will forward the applicants’ resumes and cover letters to the City for screening and selection. It is anticipated that it will move very quickly in interviewing and making a selection.

Under the Florida Public Records Act, all applications are subject to disclosure upon receipt. As a practical matter, we would be extremely surprised if this recruitment received any outside attention.  
Cooper City is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women, minorities and veterans to apply. A veteran’s preference will be awarded per Florida law.
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