Beach Renourishment 

The erosion of Florida's beaches is an unrelenting challenge caused by a number of factors including natural wave action, severe weather... Read more

Economic Development

Focused investment in state and local economic infrastructure assets can aid in a sustained economic recovery while preserving resources... Read more

Opioid Epidemic

In recent years, Florida has seen a significant increase in heroin overdoses, often resulting in death. Local communities need funding... Read more

HB 17: Super Preemption

Under HB 17, no local government would be able to adopt or impose a new regulation on a business, profession, or occupation, unless expressly... Read more

Comprehensive Water

Protecting Florida's water resources remains the biggest challenge in ensuring the overall health of its economy, its people, and its environment... Read more

Medical Marijuana

The recent passage of Amendment 2, by more than seventy percent of Florida voters, authorizes the use of medical marijuana... Read more 

Tax Reform

From FY 2008 to FY 2014, County revenues declined substantially, accompanied by reductions in services and infrastructure investments... Read more

SB 1158: Super Preemption

SB 1158 "expressly preempts [local government] regulation of matters relating to commerce, trade, and labor." Although not a companion... Read more